Coach Miss Jodie
Biz- Life- Health Coach Mentoring women to Live their Best Life

About Me

Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.


 I am obsessed with women who show the fuck up everyday-

no matter what!

I'm Coach Miss Jodie! 

I'm proof that ANYONE can grow a 6-figure Business on line no matter what they sell, what company, comp plan, or  who their up-lines are! 

I'm the #coolmom to four amazing kids & two dogs, awesome wife to my childhood sweetheart, healthy livin' hustlin' fit chick, business bounce back specialist and pajama ceo, with a love for fuzzy socks, and cool coffee mugs! 

I help other busy moms who are ready to blow up their businesses, and live their life by design!


Because those are the kick-ass women that are going to create a Big Business by:

+ showing up for themselves, their families, & tribes
+ living a healthy lifestyle
+ following their passion
+ focusing on quality
+ and being there to help others


 I wake up on fire every single day because I get to help women create that 6-figure business by believing in them before they believe in themselves! And teach them how to get more engagement on social media, build relationships, get more sales, grow their teams while keeping it manageable, fun, and push them outside of their comfort zones!

And trust me, I'm a #JERSEYGIRL & I am not going to sugarcoat it!

I'm going to tell you how it is, and kick your ass a little while I help you create a vision for your business vision and gain clarity! AND I'll make it so easy by outlining the exact steps to take to grow your network and find your tribe!

If you're ready to stop chasing people and begging for sales, start genuinely helping people, and build a 6-figure business giving you more time and money to Live that Life you Love -- click work with me below and we can get started!