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VIP Coaching Package (Graduates ONLY)

VIP Coaching Package (Graduates ONLY)



VIP COACHING Package- monthly

1 month- $799/ $200 weekly

3 months- $2,397 pay in full- get a 4th month FREE

This is UNLIMITED 1:1 Support and All-Access Package
You will have Access to ALL Program- weekly 1:1 Calls- monthly group calls- unlimited support and feedback…..

This VIP 1:1 Coaching Package is customized to Meet You where You are. There are weekly Hourly Coaching Calls plus unlimited access throughout the weeks for support and feedback via text, email, messenger, or voxer.
This Package will include, but not limited to:
* Business Clarity and Vision
* Clear Branding and Messaging
* Creating Posts and Content for Engagement
Creating Group and Events to Grow Your Business
* Creating Scripts and Messaging that works
* Setting Business Goals and a Roadmap to Make them Happen

VIP COACHING PASS is 100% personalized for Your Business and to Meet Your Business Goals. The Topics above will be loosely covered and Time ill be spent where Your Business Requires.

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