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6 Week Self-Paced Program with PDF workbook

6 Week Self-Paced Program with PDF workbook


This 6 Week Self-Paced Coaching Program- will walk you through “GROWING A TEAM”

and Take your Business to that Next Level…..


WEEK 1: A Clear Business Vision

Week 2: INVITING into the Business Opportunity

Week 3: Hosting an Opportunity Event

Week 4: Follow-Up Series

Week 5: Becoming a CEO + Onboarding a Team

Week 6: Product Events + Storytelling + YOUR Business

The Program is a mix of Videos-

  • Training- and a Workbook

  • Product Sharing Templates

  • Opportunity Event Templates

  • Team Onboarding Templates

  • Follow Up Series and Scripts


****INVITING others to join you in way that does not feel icky. STOP the convincing and Begging. Scripts for inviting in a way that gets other interested in learning more about your Opportunity…

*****Hosting “Opportunity EVENTS” that get people EXCITED to Join your Team- how to Create Invite Posts- message invite to opportunity Events- HOw to RUN an Opportunity Event (TEMPLATE) in a way that SLAYS objections and gives people the info they need to hear to be interested in jumping onboard with you,

***** FOLLOW UP SERIES that work!!! NO more feeling like you are bugging people. Get people talking and asking questions. Finding those people who really are a fit for your Team..

**Onboard new Team Members with an onBoarding System that gets people started right!! - (TEMPLATE) includes getting started guides- welcome emails- and basic trainings that is duplicatable- Team Pages and Creating Team Culture

***BE A FUCKING CEO- Mindset Hacks- Time Management- and OWNING YOUR BUSINESS


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