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14 Day Mindset Mini-Course

14 Day Mindset Mini-Course


UnF*ck Ur Mindset and Find Your Success…. 2 week Mini-Course



It is TRUE you can not have BIG Success if Your Head is a Mess!!
This is why you ALWAYS need to be working on yourself, learning, and growing.

In this 2 week Mini-Course; Coach Miss Jodie will teach you the tricks and tips to keeping Your Mindset in a Positive Successful Light (or UnF*cked). There are many hacks to trick yourself and the Universe into manifesting the things you want in Life and in Business.

It is HARD work to Stay Positive but the daily routines and habits that you will learn in this mini-course makes it easy to snap right back into being positive and will teach you to STOP believing the Bullshit stories in your head you are trying to believe!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • A Positive Environment

  • Morning Routines that make a Difference

  • Daily Habits and Hacks

  • Manifest the shit out of your Life

  • Affirmations that WORK

  • Treat Yourself like you are worth it and so will the universe

  • You become Your Thoughts

  • ATTRACT the VIBE you want

  • Set Goals with a PLAN


  • Decide Your Worth

  • Anchors and Triggers to keep you Positive

    ******JOIN ME FOR 2 WEEKS and UnFck Your Mindset ******

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