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14 Day Posting Mini-Course

14 Day Posting Mini-Course

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Are you always wondering what to post on social media?

How to connect with your audience in an authentic way without making your posts feel sales-y?

I’m so friggin excited about this one —

Explode Your Social Media - 14 Days Mini Course

14 Days of Training on the how’s/what’s to post on social media to build relationships, grow engagement, and plant seeds to blow-up your biz.

In the next 2 weeks we are going to walk through:

  • What to post on Social Media to build relationships with your tribe

  • How to post in order to grow engagement

  • Building relationships

  • Talking about your biz so it feels authentic & not sales-y

  • Inviting your tribe to try your products and/or join you

  • Sharing stories of your customers using your products

  • Motivational Posts

  • Life posts so you are not just sharing about your biz

  • Sharing your biz income in a way that feels motivating & not arrogant

  • Making your tribe Connect with your product without mentioning the product

  • Andddd posting guide so you know when to post what.

Are you ready to take your biz to the next level?

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